Rengak, created by Ressan, is the fusion of Reng, Rock and La Chanson Française.

It is the blending of two of the most festive forms of Western and Eastern music, and of one of the forms of popular music that is the most attached to the text.

The three component influences of Rengak are present from the composition of a number, within the original intent.

Another key feature of Rengak is the multitude of languages ​​and any form of play or original linguistic composition is welcome.



… is a form of Persian classical music and refers today to the music most frequently used for dance. It is the music of every party and celebration in Iran and in many other countries across the Middle East

               In Rengak, Reng is found in the rhythm and some accents.

               All tempi are suitable, even if the "groove" is more pronounced for slower and for middle tempi.


… appeared in the USA in the 50s and developed into many currents from the 60s on. It was quickly adopted by many musicians and audiences worldwide.

Since its inception, it has expressed a form of non-conformism, a spirit of freedom, and a kind of pleasure-seeking.

               In Rengak, Rock is the element that enables the three musical genres to come together toward

               much of its sound, energy and immediacy.


… appeared at the beginning of the twentieth century. It denotes inherited patterns of poetic literature and is primarily defined by the prominence of the French language. If between the 30s and 1945 it expressed derision and a spirit of revolt, the 50s carried it back to its literary sources, with dominance given to both lyrics and commitment. Since then, La Chanson Française has continued to develop through time.

               In Rengak, La Chanson Française inspires text, commitment, structure, theme and the platform for

               handling them, whatever the language.


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